Friday, January 30, 2009

Army 58 Division gain more ground; LTTE hold continue to recede in Wanni

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division soldiers thrusting into the remaining LTTE hiding areas stretching from the south of Kilaly lagoon to the A-35 road (Paranthan- Mullaittivu) are creation a fast development on their march along the west - east axis, reveal battlefield sources.
Battlefield reports indicate that intense hostility had been taken place in Visuamadu and Piliyampokkanal areas yesterday (Jan 29).
Troops had daylong confrontations in the Visuamadu area and found 4 bodies of LTTE cadres and one T-56 riffle throughout search operations. Both ground sources and radio monitoring reports indicated heavy damages to the terrorist. Meanwhile, in a divide march troops captured 152 mm serious weaponry gun, two serious earth moving vehicles, three serious vehicles, 12 mini tractors, two busses and one twice cab that had been second-hand by the terrorists. Snipers deployed in the forward areas of Visuamadu claimed 8 successful shootings during the day.
In the Piliyampokkanal area , troops had intense hostility with the terrorists since last afternoon. Troops found 3 bodies of LTTE cadres, one T-56 riffle and three radio message sets during following search operations.
Meanwhile troops during their march odd the Piliyampokkanal government hospital. Ground sources said that the hospital had been used by the terrorist to treat their distress cadres. Large amount of medicines and component were also establish in the hospital. The sources additional said that the terrorist had in use the bulk of the hospital matter from the Government Hospital at Paranthan throughout their removal.

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