Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heavy losses to LTTE in yesterday's offensives - Mullaittvu

Multi split offensives undertaken by Army 57, 58 and 59 Divisions and the Task Force 2,3 and 4 at LTTE's last residual strongholds in Mullaittvu caused heavy compensation to the terrorists yesterday (Jan 19).
Troops of Army 57 Division now in service in the Kalmadukulam area, south of A-35 road (Mullaittivu- Paranthan) had several confrontations with the terrorists throughout daytime. One light mechanism gun (LMG) and two T-56 riffles were found following the clashes.
Troops of Army 58 Division operating north of the A-35 also had more than a few confrontations throughout the day and found two LTTE bodies and three T-56 weapons. A snipers deployed in the forward areas, northeast of Dharmapuram long-established shooting down of 5 terrorists.
Meanwhile, troops of 59 Division advancing on the south- north axis towards Mullaittivu and Puthukkudiyiruppu, had daylong confrontations with the terrorists.
Troops further long-drawn-out their forward limits south of Mullaittivu along the northeasters coast of the Island devastating heavy confrontation from the terrorists. Also, snipers deployed in the forward areas long-established gunfire down of 2 LTTE cadres, south of Mullaittivu.
unconnectedly, troops in service west of Puthukkudiyiruppu had several confrontations with the terrorists. Troops throughout search operations found 2 rotten bodies of LTTE cadres with two T-56 weapons. In a similar event occurred in the Marathampuval area, intercepted LTTE radio transmissions reveal heavy compensation to the terrorists.
Troops of 59 Division manning the rear area ambushed a group of terrorist infltrators in Jayasinghapura last night. throughout following search, troops found one body of an LTTE cadre, one T-56 riffle fitted with a silencer, three hand bullets along with bullets and more than a few other military gear.
Troops of Task Fore title to Theravilkulam , had many confrontations with the terrorists in the Udayarkattu Kulam during the day . Troops captured 4 terrorists bunkers and an armour plated urn fitted with air training system, 3 provisional huts , and several other LTTE defenses built in different locations in the area.
Meanwhile , troops of Task Force 4 also in service in the Udayarkattu Kulam an west of Puthukkudiyiruppu areas had daylong clashes with the terrorists . Troops found one T-56 riffle and 15 AP mines throughout these operations

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