Saturday, January 31, 2009

UNSG welcomes President Rajapaksa's announcement of safe passage for civilians

The UN Secretary General on 30 January 2009, which welcomed President Mahinda Rajapaksa's announcement of safe way to a secure surroundings for civilians who are kept as a human protect by the LTTE in the North.
The UNSG has issued a strong communication to the LTTE to let the civilians in the disagreement zone to move to areas empty by the Government, custody in mind the require to ensure the security and wellbeing of the blameless civilians. Such calls by the international group of people are timely, and will with any luck influence the LTTE to react to the humanitarian object of releasing the bulk Tamil civilians obliging in the uncleared areas.
The Government has taken several events to ensure the security and security of the civilians in the new operations aimed at clearing the remaining few areas of the Mullaitivu district of LTTE activity. In view of the information that the LTTE is investment the civilians by force as human shields, and not allowing them to enter into the empty areas, the Government had demarcated a "safe area", and knowledgeable civilians to move into the safe area. However, the LTTE had violated the objective of the safe area by moving mortar and heavy arms into, this area and dismissal from within the safe area over civilians, thus causing civilian wounded, and endangering their security.
It is next to this background that H.E President of Sri Lanka has announced the safe way for all civilians.
The government needs to repeat its position that the military activities are meant solely at eradicating terrorism. The Government of Sri Lanka has adhered to , and will carry on to stick to a "zero civilian casualty" policy in its effort to eliminate terrorism.

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