Friday, January 23, 2009

Troops capture LTTE satellite camp and workshop, seize weapons - Mullaittivu

Troops sustained rattling residual LTTE defence lines and settlement bases in the Mullaittivu battle border at Puthukudiyirippu, as TF-4 claimed capturing a well fortified LTTE camp site in the area yesterday(Jan 22). Terrorists were compulsory to flee with heavy compensation as troops directed strong multi-frontal attacks at recognized adversary positions in the area, security sources said. The camp site built-in 5 strengthen huts and 3 water tanks which was well concealed from aerial discovery, under a thick awning.
Meanwhile, divide confrontations between troops and LTTE terrorists had ensued all through yesterday, in universal area West of Puthukudiyirippu the sources said. Troops have healthier 2x T-56 physical attack riffles in a search process conducted in the area.
Earlier, LTTE terrorists continued heavy compensation following two shock assaults by forward rudiments of Task Force -4 in universal area Puthukudiyirippu in Mullaittivu, Wednesday (Jan 21).
Troops gained control over a terrorist settlement base situated West of Puthukudiyirippu, and seized weapons, after an strong firing swap with LTTE, safety sources said. During following search operations conducted, troops have establish three 210Ltr petrol barrels, 02x urn boxes and 03x water tanks.
Meanwhile, a divide forward power constituent of TF-4 has overrun an LTTE automatic workshop camp, in the same region, security sources said. Troops have found 2x T-56 physical attack riffles, 04x generators and a few not viable vehicles, the sources further supposed.

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