Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two more LTTE mine factories & LTTE hit & run vehicles captured

Task Force 2 (TF2) troops in service in the west of Puthukkudiyiruppu beneath the command of Brigadier Rohana Banadara found two more LTTE mine factories and one soil touching bachoe as of Wednesday (21) late dusk.
8 SLSR (Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment) troops, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Priyantha Jayawardene of the 621 Brigade commanded by replacement Colonel Athula Ariyaratne, who braved through jungles, about 500 m east of the eastern rim of the Udyarkattukulam tank and about 500 m north of the similar tank bund made this astonishing revitalization of the LTTE mine factories, full of chemicals, explosives and other metal items, needed for produce of deadly mines.
Metal balls, batteries, detonator codes, flexible wires, explosive powders, gas cylinders etc. were also found in those factories while one toppled bowzer trailer was found nearby.
Troops also found one earth moving bachoe machine, used by the LTTE for their warfare constructions such as earth bunds and trenches, closer to the mine factory on the north of the tank. A stock of PVC and galvanize pipes and spare parts of machines were also seen, dotted in the area.
Army found many such factories from the same area on preceding occasions.
Meanwhile, troops in service in Visuamadu south attack a canter vehicle and a motorbike, belonging to LTTE terrorists around 3.00 p.m. on Wednesday (21). Troops long-established that the terrorists traveling on the vehicles sustained serious injuries or died because of the attack. However, terrorists have run in all instructions abandoning their vehicles.

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