Friday, January 23, 2009

Govt detains pro-LTTE journalist

Detained at BIA on his way to Singapore
Employed by prominent news agency in Colombo
A prominent LTTE follower who was posing as a reporter was detained at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) while about to take division to Singapore.
Addressing the weekly safety meeting at the MCNS, Defence Affairs orator Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said Prakash Shakthi Velupillai who was working by a famous news organization housed in Colombo-7 had been under arrest by police at the BIA, preventing him from leaving the country.
"Initial study revealed that Prakash is a hardcore follower of the LTTE and maintained a close association with the group.
The think had in his control a media ID card similar to the one issued by the in order Department, identifying him as a reporter working for a famous news organization. The media ID card had been fake, it was revealed.
The Information Department in a communique issued by acting Information Director Irene Nanayakkara yesterday said the Department had not issued a Media Accreditation Card to the perosn nabbed at the BIA.
The Department has utilised contemporary technology to recognize persons who are ineligible to have such individuality cards and forged individuality cards. Minister Rambukwella observed that the media was live an significant role on national safety and press have right of entry to tight safety zones and other places. "We ask press to be watchful about their nearby and be on their protector about strangers who may try to pretense as press," the Minister said.
Since the LTTE is being compressed by Security Forces in the North and restricted into a 400 square kilometre area in the Vanni jungle, the Tiger cadres are aiming to make chaos and disorder in the South.
The police have requested public to be watchful and take extra safety events as 14 LTTE suicide cadres have been deployed to take out unhelpful missions in the South. Minister Rambukwella asserted that since the LTTE was facing a embarrassing beat in the North and their territory decrease to 400 square kilometres in the Vanni, the LTTE cadres are cautiously preparation to carry out suicide missions in the South to disturb ordinariness."
The Tigers who are in a state of disarray are aiming to create disaster in the South," he remarked. Police spokesman SSP Ranjith Gunaskera said intelligence following arrest of several LTTE suspects in the South have revealed that 16 LTTE cadres have been deployed to carry out suicide missions in the South.
Two of the 16 missions have been accomplished and there are14 remaining suicide missions to be accomplished.
Meanwhile, police seized 23kgs of C4 explosives and a haul of arms and weapons while being transported to Colombo by a van passing several checkpoints. SSP Gunasekera called for public assistance and vigilance to thwart and prevent LTTE terror acts.
"The LTTE explosives van and arms and weapons recovered in Karadiyanarukulam, Batticaloa had been seized by police on information from an LTTE cadre who was arrested in Padukka who attempted to explode a bomb inside a bus in December.
The suspect was arrested on information from a vigilant woman travelling in the same bus", he added.Recalling the series of bomb blasts carried out by the LTTE in the South targeting civilians and the Security Forces during January and February in 2008, Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said the public should be alert and pay extra attention in the coming days the country is preparing to celebrate Independence.

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