Sunday, January 25, 2009

57 Div troops thwart LTTE abortive attempt: destroy 3 LTTE boats, damage 2- Mullaittivu

Troops of the 574 group have thwarted an LTTE unsuccessful mission to break the military forward defences, destroying 3 LTTE boats and harmful 2, East of Dharmapuram in the outer edge of Mullaittivu region yesterday (Jan 24) afternoon.
Terrorists had launched the assault following the obliteration of the Kalamadukulam Tank bund, onboard 5 boats along the flood canal, military sources were quoted proverb. Heavy arms and mortar shells were also fired towards the area then, restricting salvage and release operations initiated by the security forces to save civilians vulgar due to the flood, safety sources said.
The flood waters reached over 4ft and ravaged across the grade land Northwards drowning livestock, vegetations and households. Estimates of civilian wounded and damages to possessions are yet to be made as LTTE continued engaging irregular artillery attacks at the area, sources further said. Security forces have restrained with utmost rule and regard for safety of the entrapped civilians in the 'safe regions', which LTTE terrorists had used to mount weaponry batteries against security forces, senior military officials were quoted saying.
Meanwhile, heavy fighting was reported between 57, 58 Div troops and LTTE terrorists South of Dharmapuram and North of Kalamadu area since 1.45a.m., Sunday (25), security sources said. Terrorists were a lot compressed in the main confrontations reported at 1.45a.m., and 3a.m., military said adding that troops have also detained a few weapons.
On 22nd January, security forces expanded the available safe zone pronouncing its total broadmindedness towards the zero civilian casualty (ZCC) policy, a major characteristic of the two and half year long effectively counterterrorist surge.

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