Sunday, January 18, 2009

UN appeals LTTE to release civilians from the Human Shield

The United Nations Friday (Jan 16) called on the LTTE to allow the civilians to move into administration forbidden areas without custody them as a person shield in the face of military go forward. In an plea made by Mr. John Holmes, the UN's Under-Secretary-General for caring Affairs and UN crisis Relief Coordinator, the UN also called on the government to take delivery of newly displaced people according to internationally decided main beliefs
The statement in full :
(New York, 16 January 2009) :
The United Nations is more and more worried for the happiness of tens of thousands of civilians wedged up in the disagreement powerful in the northern Vanni area of Sri Lanka. As fighting environs the areas towards which families have been displaced, and with few choices about where to move, they are more and more vulnerable to harm due to the fighting. While they have had access to basic food, in large part due to the Government and the UN assistance transported through the lines of fighting, they have few if any treasury and the conditions of their basic shelter, water and sanitation are increasingly inadequate as many have been displaced manifold times over the last months, weeks and days.
In agreement with International Humanitarian Law, the United Nations calls upon the LTTE to allow civilians to be able to move liberally to areas where they sense most safe and for the Government to take delivery of newly displaced people according to internationally agreed principles. In addition, the UN calls for civilians to be protected from the fighting and for civilians to carry on to have access to basic caring assistance.

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