Friday, January 23, 2009

Special Envoy Yasushi Akashi says not to allow the LTTE to use civilians as a human shield

Mr. Yasushi Akashi, envoy of the Government of Japan for Peace Building, Rehabilitation and rebuilding in Sri Lanka, currently on an official visit to Sri Lanka, met with Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama on Thursday at the Foreign Ministry.
Briefing the visiting envoy on the situation in Sri Lanka, Minister Bogollagama experiential that the humanitarian operations were being conducted by the Sri Lankan government in northern Sri Lanka with the objective of eliminating LTTE terror and restoring democracy in order to achieve a sustainable peace. Minister Bogollagama referred to the process of democratization launched by the Sri Lanka government in the Eastern Province with the holding of elections. He noted that this has enabled the government to make democracy meaningful to the people in the Eastern Province. He tinted the necessary to strengthen democratic Institutions as democracy, peace and development go hand in hand.
Stating that the Government has demarcated a safe area for the civilians to go in, it was brought to Ambassador Akashi's notice that a large number of people were waiting to leave the LTTE-dominated areas in the North. The Minister experiential that flyers have been dropped into the uncleared areas giving this in order to civilians to make simple their group to unconventional areas. He added that a group transport food and necessary items has also been moved into the area.
Special Envoy Akashi expressed his approval at the efforts undertaken by the Sri Lanka Government to safeguard the civilian inhabitants in the north. He spoken his self-assurance in the All Party envoy Committee (APRC) as a viable mechanism through which to bring about decentralization of power and to build a pluralistic Sri Lankan society. He stated that Japan was fully conscious of the Sri Lanka government's assure to finding a following solution to the disagreement, and spoken the hope that the following process would carry on.
Referring to the concerns spoken by the international community, Ambassador Akashi emphasized that the LTTE should not be allowed to use civilians as a human shield.
He also stated that he looked forward to observing first hand the situation of the internally displaced person during his stay in Sri Lanka.
The Ambassador of Japan in Sri Lanka H.E. Kiyoshi Araki and officials of the Japanese Foreign Ministry accompanied the Special envoy to the meeting, Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona, and senior officials of the Foreign Ministry were also linked with the meeting.

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