Friday, January 23, 2009

Air Force jets, helicopter gunships continue raids at LTTE positions- Mullaittivu

SLAF jets and MI-24 helicopter gunships sustained air sorties at recognized LTTE resistance positions in support of the advancing 59 Div, 57 Div and TF-3 troops at Mullaittivu, today (Jan 23).
manifold air attacks were approved out South of Mullaittivu, East of Visuamadu and Northeast of the Kalmadukulam Tank since 6.30 this morning, Air Force sources said. According to Air Force representative Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the first raid was conducted by combatant jets in hold up of the 59 Division troops, at an LTTE confrontation position situated South of Mullaittivu at around 6.30a.m. A alike raid was conducted Northeast of the Kalmadukulam Tank Bund in support of the 57 Division troops at 12.20a.m., the sources said.
Earlier, at around 9.45a.m., MI-24 helicopter gunships launched close battle air assaults at an recognized LTTE confrontation place and defence line East of Visuamadu. The air physical attack was conducted in hold up of the Task Force -3 troops, the sources additional said.

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