Sunday, January 25, 2009

Troops enter Mullaittivu; LTTE main garrison town falls [Updated]

Sri Lanka Army 59 Division military lead by Brigadier Nandana Udawatta have entered the LTTE's main garrison town Mullaittivu this evening (Jan 25).
According to the battleground sources, troops of 593 Brigade guide by Lieutenant Colonel Jayantha Gunarathne have made a shock attack across the Nanthikandal lagoon and entered the Mullaittivu town area this morning. Infantrymen of 7 Gemunu Watch (7 GW) lead by Lieutenant Colonel Chaminda Lamahewa have been in primary to enter the town amid serious terror argument, the sources said.
The Mullaittivu town is situated in a thin stretch of a land between Nanthikandal pond and the Indian Ocean. The town fell to the terrorists in 1996 and since then LTTE recognized its main military bottom there.
Once wash up process over the area will be affirmed liberated, the sources said.

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