Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Troops of 57 Div continues the offensive; heavy damages to terrorists

Troops of 57 Division had more than a few confrontations with LTTE while extending their defences in Ramanathapuram and Dharmapuram areas yesterday, 20 January. The clashes took place throughout day hours, armed explanation said.
In a confrontation reported in general area Dharmapuram, LTTE terrorists received heavy damages. Body of an LTTE terrorist found along with a T-56 weapon in a following look for operation. Minor compensation reported for the own troops.
Meanwhile, troops had more than a few confrontations in east of Pudukuduiruppu and northeast of Mullaiyaweli day hours yesterday. Separately, in a search operation conducted in Pudukuduiruppu area, troops have set up a body of LTTE terrorists kill throughout the battle along with a few LTTE armed items left at the back by the fleeing terrorists.
One T - 56 weapon, one ad hoc bat, one Belt order, three LTTE Uniforms, one walking boot couple and one Dog tag were also in the middle of the matter found.

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