Thursday, January 29, 2009

LTTE flee in total disarray, troops capture 152mm artillery gun - Visuamadu

10 Gajaba Regiment (GR) troops beneath the command of Major Janaka Uduowita in hot chase of LTTE in Mullaittivu have captured a 152mm artillery gun along with 70 empty bullets cases in general area Northeast of Visuamadu, this morning (Jan 29).
According to earth sources, LTTE terrorists receiving heavy thrashing from security forces have fled in total confusion also send-off the weaponry gun which was dismantled and ready for transportation. The gun is in good operational condition, a military official said verbal communication to
10GR is one of the infantry battalions operating under the 58 Division, Northeast of Visuamadu at the Mullaittivu battlefront. The 152mm artillery gun is an area neutralization weapon used in the battlefields with effectual firing ranges between 17km - 24 km.
Further search operations are ongoing in the area.

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