Thursday, January 29, 2009

Foreign Minister reaffirms to EU, Sri Lanka's abiding commitment to civilian safety in the north

Sri Lanka Foreign Minister Bogollagama reaffirmed Sri Lanka's total promise to the security and security of civilians in the disagreement area in the north and affirmed that the government armed action is only aimed at empowering people through a political procedure.
The Minister made this surveillance when he met the government of the European Union (EU) represented by the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Mr. Karrel Schwarzenberg in Brussels on Tuesday (27 January 2009). The meeting requested by Sri Lanka with the Czech Republic which unspecified the EU Presidency since January 2009 was aimed at providing a meeting on the state of affairs in the north & east discussing the additional room of the GSP+ facility, Sri Lanka's ask for to the EU to list the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) and other LTTE front organizations and cooperation between the EU and Sri Lanka. Matters of two-sided attention between Sri Lanka and Czech Republic were also discussed.
Minister Schwarzenberg welcoming Minister Bogollagama to Brussels congratulated the Sri Lanka government over its new military success in the north. While expressing hope that Sri Lanka would soon return to normalcy, he underlined the significance the EU emotionally concerned to the security and security of civilians. The Czech Minister also announced the willingness of the EU to assist Sri Lanka in post conflict reinstatement in the empty areas of the north & east. Minister Schwarzenberg also underlined the significance for a political solution to be found to the difference.
Minister Bogollagama thanking his balance for his hopeful endorsement on the attainment of Sri Lanka in its move aggressively against terrorism avowed that the government would carry on to follow its goal of dismantling the LTTE structures and activities at home and abroad. He also outlined President Mahinda Rajapaksa's strength of mind to find a political solution to the there conflict through constitutional means. Minister Bogollagama also drew his counterpart's attention to the successful reinstatement of democratic system and civil management in the East. telling the renouncement of violence and promise given to adhere to democratic do by some former LTTE leaders as a optimistic sign, Minister Bogollogama affirmed that the government would soon restore normalcy in the north using the knowledge gained from the East.
Highlighting the greater than before activities of the LTTE Front organizations such as the TRO in Europe following the EU ban on the LTTE in 2006, Minister Bogollagama called on the Czech government to lead other member countries towards eradicating the activities of the LTTE and its agents in Europe. He highlighted Sri Lanka's anxiety that the LTTE, which is facing a major hit in Sri Lanka, would be given a lifeline through front Organizations.
On the question of perceived impunity, especially against the attacks on the Sri Lankan media, Foreign Minister Bogollagama appraised Minister Schwarzenberg that investigations have begun on every complaint made and conclusions are nearing in some high profile cases. He also underlined the need for cautious assessment, as there are some allegations propagated by the LTTE and other elements hostile to the Government.
Confirming the fulfillment of Sri Lanka's commitments over the GSP facility, Minister Bogollagama expressed Sri Lanka's disapproval on the intrusive process on the extension of the GSP plus facility. He called on the Czech Presidency's support for an early resolution of this issue.
The Czech Minister expressed his government's keenness to strengthen SAARC-EU cooperation during their Presidency and discussed ways and means through which this can be achieved.
Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the EU Ravinatha Aryasinha, Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the Czech Republic based in Vienna M. M. Jaffeer and Director General (Europe and CIS) Mrs. Kshenuka Senewiratne were associated with the Foreign Minister at the meeting with the Czech Foreign Minister.

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