Friday, January 23, 2009

Malaysia orders a countrywide alert on fleeing tiger supremo Prabhakaran

Malaysian examiner General of Police Musa Hassan told Kula Lumpur's Strait Times that he has prearranged a country broad alert to be on the timepiece out for Tamil Tiger head Velupillai Prabhakaran.
The alert was issued on the doubt that he may have escaped to Malaysia after Sri Lankan troops bounded his last stranglehold, Mulaitivu in a 50,000 physically powerful force.
The Malaysian Police Chief told the newspaper that there was a doubt that Prabhakaran might have escaped to Malaysia or the neighbouring Thailand.
There is a physically powerful Sri Lankan Tamil minority in Malaysia and it is supposed that a powerfully pro-LTTE politician in India has been maintaining coordinating activities flanked by the insurgent group and the Malaysian Tamils.
"We are also by our local cleverness network to determine if he is already in the state," Musa was quoted as proverb to the Strait Times. "My men will be monitoring all admittance points into the country to ensure he does not go into the country," he additional.
There had been many speculations in the press concerning the whereabouts of Prabhakaran after replacement General Sarath Fonseka, the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army , last Saturday said, that Prabhakaran might have already escaped Mulaitivu. He has said that the only likely removal of the Tigers might be to the sea in respond to a behind politician of the Tamil Tigers that they had reserved as a tactical plan to Mulaitivu.
Military analysts have predicted that all camps of the Tigers could be swarming within the substance of few weeks by the Sri Lanka forces.

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