Friday, January 23, 2009

UN calls on LTTE to meet their responsibilities- Statement from the UN in Sri Lanka

The United Nations in Sri Lanka has issued its strongest possible complaint to the LTTE for their negative response to let UN national staff and dependents to go back from the Vanni with the there UN group.
The staffs are part of a UN group which traveled to the Vanni on Friday 16 January delivering urgent food and crisis provisions to displaced populations.
Due to hostility between the LTTE and Government forces, this group has only been able to move securely today
The UN calls on the LTTE to meet their everyday jobs and right away permit all UN staff and dependents to freely go from this area. The LTTE's denial of safe way is a clear abrogation of their obligations under international caring law.
The present group is the eleventh to take provisions to those people attentive in the midst of hostility in the Vanni. Since early October UN convoys have brought about 7,000 tons of very important food and release provisions to displaced populations.
Courtesy: United Nations Office of the Resident / caring manager for Sri Lanka

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