Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Army expands safe zone for entrapped civilians- Mullaittivu

Sri Lankan security forces underscoring its Zero Civilian Casualty (ZCC) policy while busy in the surge to liberate thousands entrapped with LTTE have long-drawn-out the available safe zone facilitating civilian group.
The diagram is also unsurprising to make sure security of the civilians who are making steady labors to flee from LTTE towards the recently odd areas both at Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi. According to armed officials, a 4-km long stretch to the north of Udayarkattu link and the Yellow Bridge on the A-35 Puthukkudiyiruppu-Paranthan main road up to Iruthumadu (09 23 17.20 N & 080 36 25.70 E) and another 8-km long area from the south of Iruthumadu up to Thevipuram (09 23 17.40 N & 080 40 53.60 E) have been therefore earmarked for this 'SAFE ZONE' with instant consequence.
Both southern limits of the Udayarkattu junction (09 21 17.80 N & 080 36 25.90 E) and the Yellow Bridge (09 20 21.80 N & 080 39 15.20 E) touch the limits of the A-35 main road, the sources additional said. caring aid agencies and NGO circles welcoming the fitting decision extra commented that it would hold LTTE terrorists totally accountable. "LTTE is using the blameless civilians as human shields rising the civilian pain which has already loomed to a crisis", an HR front official said.
The United Nations in an plea made by Mr. John Holmes, on 16th January, called on the LTTE to allow the civilians to move into government prohibited areas without care them as a being shield in the countenance of military go forward.

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