Thursday, January 29, 2009

LTTE underwater vehicles found - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Army Task Force 3 found an LTTE undersea vehicle along with 3 other smaller underwater vehicles which are still under building from the Udayarkattukulam area in Mullaittivu yesterday morning (Jan 28). Military sources said that this was the most surprising recovery made by troops so far during the on going oppose terrorist operations next to the LTTE. Three suicide boats and a large haul of LTTE maritime gear were also found at the site , the sources added.
The sources additional revealed , the main underwater vehicle found is about 35 feet in distance end to end and amour plated. in the middle of the other matter found , there were one low bed clip, one armour plate used for bending equipment, fifteen oxy-acetylene welding cylinders, thirty armour plate sheets of 20 ft each, three pedal-type suicide boats, one Dvora-type fast attack skill, a large number of water pumps, two lorries, two buses, one truck, one heavy duty generator, one water bowzer trailer, one bowzer, filled with kerosene, two big lathe equipment, two influential compressors, one welding plant, a number of electric motors, one large lifting jack, many boats and vehicle engines, three hangar-shaped buildings of 75 ft x 15 ft each, fifteen small tiled-houses of 20 ft x 30 ft with full air training and five tiled-billets of 25 ft x 100 ft with full air training.
The discovery was made by the infantrymen of 4 Sri Lanka glow Infantry (4 SLLI) commanded by Major Najeewa Edirisinghe.

With this discovery the LTTE will go down in the the past as the first terrorist association to expand underwater weapons. Also, the LTTE is the first terrorist outfit to introduce suicide bombers to the world and to develop naval and air arms.
Defence observers are in the view that the LTTE has been able to come this far in terrorism fighting because of the leeway given the group by the international community. Until lately, the LTTE sympathizers were given chance to raise money freely in the western countries to buy arms and bullets. The group has been able to function a fleet of ships to smuggle arms, connect in drug trafficking and human smuggling to make money, etc, in many parts of the world. With hired hands in many international media, NGOs and various other front organizations the outfit has been able to portray itself as a release association to the world and in the direction of put international force on the government when captivating military action next to it.
The following movies show their latest payment to the world of terrorism :

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