Saturday, January 24, 2009

TULF leader tells Karunanidhi, "Not to be duped by the TNA"

Reminding TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi that the ball now is in his court to understand the truth, Tamil United release Front (TULF) leader V. Anandasangaree invited the DMK head to come to Sri Lanka and see for himself, without life form duped by the Tamil National coalition members.
In a letter addressed to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister the TULF head said, "The time has now come for you to take over the filled blame on your head and to visit Sri Lanka, tolerant the invite extended to you, by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa the President. Seeing is believing."
Mr. Ananda Sangaree emotional that the entire Tamil Nadu had been totally misled by a group of TNA Members of Parliament from Sri Lanka who have no ethical right to talk on behalf of the Tamils of Sri Lanka because they owe their seating in Parliament to the LTTE and have to carry out the orders only of the LTTE. "They act only as proxies of the LTTE and therefore have lost their trustworthiness. The TNA have earned the anger of the Tamils by condoning even the most wicked and terrible activities of the LTTE" the senior head of the TULF accused.
"Please rest assured," said Ananda Sangaree, "that all my attention is in the wellbeing of the people. I am not drama as an agent of anyone or as a stooge of the Government. I do not have the same opinion fully with the Government in all matters. But in the matter of eradicating the LTTE I am giving my generous support. Pardon me for life form so because their atrocious activities have exceeded all norms and limits. They are responsible for the loss of over 70,000 to 100,000 thousands lives. They have made tens of thousands of widows, widowers and orphans. Several thousands have lost their eye sights, limbs and thousands became benumbed. There is a large void shaped in the management of the Tamils. A lot of important persons, academics, respectable personalities, following leaders and such others, had been killed or made to flee the country. They created a situation for even people like Mr. R. Sampanthan to take orders from the LTTE best like Mr. Thamilchelvan. Mr. Sampanthan has lost his trustworthiness because of his inconsiderate utterances, most of which come into view to have been made under force. All his speech in Parliament and outside are biased and barely one word next to the LTTE."
The TULF head said, no one has any right to kill one more. A lot of kids, with child women, poor blameless workers, school children all from the Sinhala community had been killed by the LTTE and many blameless Tamils had been killed in their claymore mine attacks targeting the service workers.
Mr. Sampanthan and the 21 Members of the TNA, throughout the past 5 years did not say one word next to the LTTE or ever fated the LTTE for any of their terrible activities, in which several blameless Sinhalese and Tamils also lost their lives, he further emotional. The state of affairs today in Wanni is that the LTTE, having lost 95% of the territory they had beneath their manage, is now confined to a small area in the Mullaittivu electorate.
The International group of people is surveillance the state of affairs. The truth is documented to the whole world. In such a state of affairs Mr. Sampanthan while blaming the Government for the hardships the people knowledge should have also fated the LTTE for detaining two hundred and fifty thousand people in a remote village where facilities such as schools, Hospitals and even drinking water are limited. I blame the TNA of conniving with the LTTE and beating facts only to help to save the LTTE and to give the wrong impression about Tamil Nadu, the TULF leader said in his letter.
He told the Tamil Nadu leader, " you must come and see for yourself as to what is incidence here. I have sent to you a number of letters and also made several appeals to the leaders and the people of Tamil Nadu with several suggestions for a just answer. No one concerned to find out the truth and no one replied me either. I warned Tamil Nadu not to give room for the creation of another Jaffna there. I had even accused Tamil Nadu that it is sleeping while deadly serpents breed under the pillow. All that is now happening, because no one took my appeals, pleadings and even warnings seriously. "
"Hardly any one knows in Tamil Nadu that people of Wanni had been agitating for a complete time for liberation from the LTTE. If all the efforts taken by a variety of sections of the people of Tamil Nadu had been together diverted towards a nonviolent and friendly move toward for an early and reasonable answer, Tamil Nadu would have got the full backing of the Central Government and the Sri Lankans who have more than a few links with India would have responded absolutely toward finding a sensible answer, ensuing in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka coming shut to each other and become more friendly. I have quoted Gandhiji a number of times what he said during a visit to Ceylon before I was born. He said that " India and Sri Lanka cannot have enough money to argue". I say that it is more suitable in family member to Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Further more you are the one who very often refer to the "umbilical code relationship" of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. I wonder whether you or anybody else in Tamil Nadu is aware of the "umbilical code relationship" the Sinhalese have with the people of Madurai in Tamil Nadu and that Pathini worship (Kannagi) is very common among the Sinhala Buddhist in Sri Lanka."

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