Thursday, January 29, 2009

Troops reconstruct Kalamadukulam Bridge, facilitates civilian influx- Mullaittivu

Engineering group of the 58 Division have reconstructed the Kalamadukulam viaduct which was destroyed by LTTE using high explosives before fleeing from the area amidst intense military onslaughts on 24th January. The construction work was finished yesterday (Jan 28), area military sources reported.
Kalamadukulam Bridge extending over 140ft is deliberately important as it links the vital Paranthan - Mullaittivu main road, the sources further said.
The terrorists also shattered the Kalamadukulam Tank bund, flooding sections of the A-35 Paranthan - Mullaittivu main road, Ramanatpuram, Dharmapuram and Visuamadu in its dire effort to stall the military advances. Hundreds of civilians evasion from LTTE were entrapped in the flood waters and later salvaged by security forces during hours long save operations conducted. Troops also successfully thwarted an LTTE attack along the flood canal aboard 5 boats targeting soldiers busy in save operations.
The engineering corps undertook construction work which was finished within days, to make easy the influx of civilians from the non-liberated areas.

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