Friday, January 30, 2009

Sri Lanka Navy destroys LTTE suicide boat - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Navy assault boats deployed in the Mullaittivu seas have destroyed an LTTE suicide boat around 3 this morning (Jan 30). According to the navy sources , the navy boats deployed in the sea blockade along the northeastern coast have intercepted the explosive laden boat launched from Mullaittivu coast and destroyed it by directing heavy gunfire at the incoming terrorist boat.
At present, Sri Lanka Navy has deployed 4 blockades the length of the northeastern shore of the island to prevent LTTE arms supplies and avoidance LTTE cadres via sea routes. The Rapid Action Boat regiment (RABS) and the Special Boat regiment (SBS) units hold up their blockade neighboring to the shore while Fast Attack Flotilla 4 (FAF4) maintained the second barrier in the coastal waters. The third and the fourth barriers are maintained by the Gunboats and Offshore Patrol Vessels that extends from territorial waters to the blue waters.

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