Tuesday, January 27, 2009

President invites TN leaders to see the truth about Tamil people

President Mahinda Rajapaksa Sunday invited Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa Jayaram to visit Jaffna and Vanni and for myself appeal to LTTE to let go the civilians held as person shield at firearm point.
"We are ready to give safe corridors for the civilians to go from side to side the army forbidden areas to safer places, but it is now up to the Tamil Tigers to `let go` the civilians", the President told the Asian Tribune in an elite interview.
"If Karunanidhi is paying attention in a truce he can influence the Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and proclaim it openly so that arms give in could be worked out in a mutually satisfactory way as future by Karunanidhi and the Sri Lanka Government", he said.
He added: `The experienced person political head on whom I have the most respect and look upon, could even transport along with him a allocation consisting of the Tamil Nadu following leaders on his call to Sri Lanka`.
He also comprehensive a divide invitation to Tamil Nadu`s resistance leader J. Jayalalithaa to visit Sri Lanka and see for herself current situation in the state.
President said, `As a appreciated Tamil voice in the world, Karunanidhi should come forward to plea to the leaders of the release Tigers of Tamil Eelam to free the Tamils from their iron control`. He put the number of Tamils held back by the release Tigers as anywhere between 150 and 200 thousands. And the area beneath Tigers is no more than 350 to 400 sq km, down from 5,000 sq km held by them when Eelam War IV in progress in 2006.
"LTTE is investment them as a human shield for its own security and security. They are all kept in Vanni at gun point. Even women, old people and children are not life form allowable to leave the area in spite of appeals by United Nations and the international community", the Sri Lanka President said when asked about the efforts made so far to secure let go of the blameless civilians.
"It is really unfortunate", Rajapaksa said, "Tigers are breaching Tank bunds to flood the area to stop civilians send-off for safety in the unconventional area".
President also told Asian Tribune that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister might meet the best of the LTTE in Vanni and talk with them to let blameless Tamil civilians to go to secure areas.
Asked about the stress for a ceasefire he told the Asian Tribune that it was up to Karunanidhi how he goes concerning the task.
`He can power the Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and announce it publicly so that weapons surrender could be worked out in a equally satisfactory way, as proposed by Karunanidhi and the Sri Lanka Government.
`Once LTTE surrenders arms and give an responsibility before the Indian best that they are ready to join the self-governing mainstream, our government is ready to think positively to enter into a ceasefire,`, he experiential.
Terming the TNA parliamentarians as the LTTE proxies, President Rajapaksa made a keen plea to the Tamil Nadu political leaders `not to be misled and misdirected by TNA`.
Answering a query on the `status` of the Eelam War IV, the President, who is also the highest commander of armed forces of Sri Lanka, said troops have moved a step earlier to final off one of Asia`s longest-organization insurgencies. He reiterated his strength of mind to chase the Tigers and release the Tamils from terrorists` grip.
"Once we (Sri Lanka government) clear the north from the Tigers` hold, then we will start to expand the North as we are currently doing in the East", Rajapaksa said in response to another question. Asian Tribune drew the President`s attention to the dilemma of Muslims who were chased out of Jaffna and from the Northern Province and are presently languishing in person in banish camps in Puttalam and other areas in the North West of the state.
President replied: "We will restore them in their unique homes. This is our promise. This is our make your mind up".
President said Government would soon make essential preparations to allow these Muslims to resume their living. "The government will also take steps to get them a roof over their head".
He reiterated that the unconventional Tamils of the North would be brought back to the self-governing normal and measures would be taken to ensure they live in Sri Lanka with honor and self-respect like other racial groups in other parts of Sri Lanka

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