Friday, January 2, 2009

Fall of Kilinochchi imminent

The fall of Kilinochchi is about to happen as the safety forces have already entered into the Kilinochchi town border from the northern, southern and western edges of Kilinochchi town, defence sources in battlefront said.
Troops busy in multi-pronged unpleasant operation sustained their military thrust on LTTE defences in Kilinochchi. After capturing the Paranthan built-up in near the beginning hours yesterday, 01 Jan, battle formations of Task Force 1 accelerated their advances towards Kilinochchi from west and north of Kilinochchi.
Troops emotionally involved to 10 Gajaba Regiment (GR) and 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) battalion are advancing towards Kilinochchi from the East of A -9 road whilst troops emotionally involved to 12 Gajaba Regiment and 6 Gemunu Watch (GW) division are advancing towards Kilinochchi town from the West of A-9 road.
Simultaneously, troops of 57 Division in service from west and south of Kilinochchi areas have also sustained their advanced towards LTTE heartland Kilinochchi after ahead total manage over the once LTTE stronghold located south of Kilinochchi, the Adampan town.
The 572 and 571 Brigades are advancing towards the centre of Kilinochchi from the West and South West way and are in service earlier to the A-9 road. Meanwhile troops of 574 Brigade who have gained control over the Iranamadu junction are now in service further than the link, the latest military in order said
There are no any alternative available with LTTE terrorists other than to run away towards the jungle patches in Puthukuduiruppu and Vishvamadu in the East of Iranamadu tank as troops aggressively advancing towards the heart of Kilinochchi in all fronts with no leaving any room for the LTTE to function there.

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