Saturday, January 31, 2009

57 Div troops locate high profile LTTE hideout- Visuamadu

12 SLSR(12th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment) troops of the 57 Division under the power of Major General Jagath Dias have located a high profile LTTE hideout including an dissident bunker while busy in mop-up operations in the Visuamadu tropical forest, Friday (Jan 30).
The LTTE hiding place was well carrying weapons and hidden from air discovery, security sources said. According to available information the site was frequented by the LTTE terror leader Prabakaran and older cadres. The underground bunker was air trained and constructed beneath a lavishness compartment with projectile proof doors. A soundproof generator was used for electric power supply for the section and the dissident bunker. An elevator used flanked by the bunker and the in the clouds building was also found which troops state as the first ever example that security forces have come diagonally such.
Drugs for diabetes patients were also found suggestive of that this site was lately accommodated by the LTTE leader, security sources additional said. These evidences clearly underscore the type of liberation move violently the LTTE inner circles had orchestrated for decades, through the millions of dollars extorted from the Tamil disapora victimizing hundreds of Tamil youth, men and women.

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