Thursday, January 22, 2009

55 Div advances southwards gaining more LTTE hiding areas

Troops of 55 Division commanded by Brigadier Prasanna Silva sustained their offensive march further southwards gaining more residual LTTE beating areas in Kilinochchi today, 22 January.
According to the newest information, troops have complete their defences advancing from Chundikulam to Chalai and now been busy in consolidating operations in newly captured area. Fierce confrontations reported in the area and LTTE terrorists have withdrawn from the area with their casualties.
Meanwhile, a tractor carrying LTTE cadres for intensification was also shattered in serious artillery barrages launched by the troops, Electronic Warfare sources said citing LTTE communication channels.
While consolidating the recently gained ground troops have found 3 bodies of LTTE terrorists killed throughout the battle along with weapons and vehicles.
40 feet long Dovra type sea skill and a Unicorn vehicle which were left away by the fleeing terrorists were also found throughout the consolidating operations.
additional consolidating operations are happening.

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