Friday, January 30, 2009

UNICEF disowns vehicles found with its logo - Mullaittivu

UNICEF in a push let go yesterday (Jan 29) said that the Toyota double cab establish by the Sri Lanka army in Mullaittivu with UNICEF symbol on it , did not fit in to the association.
The press release additional said that UNICEF has no twice cabs in its navy and therefore, the Army website had incorrectly claimed the vehicle belonged to UNICEF
Sri Lanka Army on Wednesday (Jan 28) said that the armed had found shape of vehicles used by the LTTE terrorists including on top of mentioned double cab from the Visuamadu area.
The press release in full
Vehicle recovered from LTTE does not belong to UNICEF
29 Jan 2009, Colombo - UNICEF today said that "a Toyota double cab" which the Army says it has detained from the LTTE does not belong to UNICEF.
An Army website had erroneously claimed the vehicle belonged to UNICEF.
UNICEF does not have any double cabs in its fleet. However in the past years UNICEF has donated a big number of this type of vehicle to Government associates such as the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, Ministry of Education, National Water provide and Drainage Board and the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare to hold up their activities.
UNICEF said it is very unlucky that this donated vehicle power have been unlawfully taken not present from a connect implementing programmes for women and children.

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