Wednesday, January 28, 2009

58 Div troops liberate Visuamadu Town; battles enter last phase at Mullaittivu

Troops of the 58 Division after hours of fierce fighting that ensued with LTTE have reached the Visuamdu junction, this afternoon (Jan 28). According to latest information received, troops have now gained total control over the Visuamadu following first search and payment operations conducted in the area, security sources said.
LTTE resistances were upset during the multi-forward military assault, ground sources said addition that scores of terrorists were killed and many upset during the fighting.
According to military sources, troops have also gained control over a 10km make bigger of the road, running North of Visuamadu via Puliyampokkanai towards Chundikkulama. Troops are now busy in mopping up the residual LTTE resistances South of Visuamadu and Piramanthal kulama. LTTE terrorists unable to endure the military attack have further fled towards the affirmed safer zones at Teravilkulam and Udayarkattukulama, military sources said. Meanwhile, LTTE terrorists have sustained firing heavy weaponry towards safety forces from the affirmed civilian security region. "This is an exhibit of utmost contempt to norms of human race and the lives of the thousands entrapped", a military official said. Security forces have been resilient on securing the safety of the civilians held by LTTE, despite incessant provocations made by the outfit for a military reprisal towards the safe zone, the official further said.
According to obtainable civilian and military earth information, terrorists are concentrating weapon store and fighting units among the civilians in glow for what defence watch recognize to trigger a 'last minute civilian tragedy.' Thousands of blameless Tamil civilians are held at gunpoint under supreme hardships by the LTTE at these safe regions until its senior position sketch out an flee route, defence observes further stated.
Meanwhile, during following search operations conducted troops have also found a bus and a revival vehicle which is supposed used to trail weaponry guns, security sources said.

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