Sunday, January 25, 2009

LTTE lays landmines to stop fleeing civilians

Becoming more violent on civilians, who are trying to breakthrough the gates of the LTTE hell-hole, the Tigers have recently laid a wrap of land mines, in the thickly occupied LTTE controlled areas - Theravikulam, Visuamadu and Puthukudiyirippu in Mullaitivu to stop the civilians fleeing to the government forbidden areas.
According to cleverness sources, the Tigers, in a frantic effort to hold earth in the wake of the heavy military push, are trying to keep the civilians by all profits while burying large quantity of anti-personnel mines around FDLs to keep the vehemently recruited young cadres in captivity. meaningful that they are at the losing end, most of the young cadres have started abandoning the outfit despite the cruel punishments given by the LTTE.
The sources said that a group of LTTE cadres consist of over 150 who have unfilled the LTTE and are now defeat in jungles as they are not able to flee to odd areas to give in. Recently aggressive fighting took place between the run absent cadres and the LTTE following cadres who came in search of those who unfilled the outfit. With its declining cadre power to put in order to face the troops advancing from nine fronts to release 350 four-sided figure kms, the LTTE leadership has instructed to cut down the month total battle preparation for cadres to two weeks.
LTTE can't cope
Those antagonism cadres, who have a tag issued by the LTTE after the enrolment, are free to release packets, but those families whose members refused to join are left without food. Unable to cope up with the daily death rate which exceeds 15, the LTTE has now forgotten to pay their respects to the dead. The huge cemetery at the Theravikulam in Visuamadu has long-drawn-out by sum the surrounding jungles and over 100 recently dug grave yards are kept standby.
According to the civilians who came from Visuamadu, 2,000 to 3,000 cadres were concealed in the graveyard. However, the LTTE faces difficulties in handing over the dead bodies to the kith and kin as the angry relatives assault the cadres who come with bodies of their children. This has led the LTTE to bury the dead bodies without notifying the parents.
The sources said that the young LTTErs who were forcefully recruited to the outfit, give in to the Army abandoning the outfit.
The LTTE is facing difficulty in treating the wounded due to be short of of medical staff, amenities and vehicles. The LTTE leadership has ordered to kill the badly injured cadres and most of the other carders with minor injuries were left unattended to.
knowledgeable sources said that the senior hardcore LTTE cadres have also fled to the liberated areas mingling with the refugees. The civilians said that the LTTE cadres brawl without the orders of the top leaders. For the last few weeks they have not seen a single head. According to the civilians, the second step LTTE leaders were plying on roads in lavishness vehicles.
Meanwhile, LTTE had banned an effort of civilians who came in lorries, tractors and landmasters with whatever belongings they could carry with them from fleeing a few days ago.
To liberated areas
A long line with over 75,000 people with the young and the old were lined from Puthukudiyirippu to Theravikulam to enter the liberated areas, but the LTTE had bounded the civilians and beaten those who stepped additional disobeying their authority and later the LTTE had killed over 10 civilians when they opened fire to disperse the mass mass departure of civilians.
The bodies of the dead civilians were displayed in an inhuman way to make the people conscious of their fate if they effort to flee. Some who spoke against the LTTE were taken to the LTTE torture camps at Visuamadu and Puthukudiyirippu later.
The cleverness sources believe that this trend would increase throughout the next few weeks and civilians would flee to the liberated areas despite all strong warnings, beatings and shootings by the LTTE which put the civilians onward to stop the military stepping into their residual small portion of ground.
The sources long-established that the LTTE used the four km long stretch of State affirmed safe zones from Udayarkattu junction and the Yellow Bridge on the A-35 Puthukudiyiruppu, Paranthan main road upto Iruthumadu and south of Iruthumadu upto Thevipuram to attack the advancing troops.
It is said that they have based their artillery and mortar gun positions in the safe zones captivating the displaced civilians to ransom.
With the LTTE, which is the self-proclaimed sole representative of the Tamils, putting lives of thousands of Tamils into risk, the warnings and requests are now being heading for to the LTTE to let go its human shields.
Among them was the ask for by UN,Amnesty International and the former Peace representative from Japan Yasushi Akashi who asked the LTTE to allow the civilians to make their method to the liberated areas. "The LTTE should not be allowed to use civilians as human shields", he said.

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