Monday, January 19, 2009

SLAF raids LTTE defences - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Air Force have launched three consecutive air raids targeting LTTE defences in Mullaittivu throughout the day hours today, 19 January.
Air Force representative, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara language to said that combatant jets raided LTTE defences situated south of Mullaitttivu in two divide occasions, 9.30AM and 11.30 AM. Both air sorties were launched in hold up of troops 59 Division.
Meanwhile, combatant jets raided LTTE terrorists busy in earth bund building in general area 2Km northwest of Piramanthan Tank in Mullaittivu. Continues air surveillances conducting long-established that LTTE terrorists constructing another earth bund using heavy earth moving vehicles, air force spokesperson added.
The heavy vehicles busy in the building were destroyed due to the attack, spokesperson further said.

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