Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Former Mullaittivu Battle Hero Colonel Laffeer Remembered

Recapture of Mullaittivu township by Sri Lanka Army refreshes memories of brave soldiers who had sacrificed their lives throughout yesteryear fighting in the same area for the sake of conservation the territorial honesty of the country. The important day was 18th July 1996 when the terrorists launched a huge onslaught on the Mullaittivu camp and decimated over 1200 daring soldiers who valiantly fought until the last soldier.
Colonel A.F Laffeer, then strong Officer of the 1 SF (Special Force) who led his troops to strengthen the 6 Brigade troops beneath siege was the older most officer to lay his life throughout the Mullaittivu battle in 1996.
Colonel A.F Laffeer, using his preparation expertise got himself airdropped with his team of brave SF soldiers into the planned area with the noble object of rescuing brother armed even without manner in mind the threat to his own life when there was no alternative for the infantry troops to reach Mullaittivu through land.
This brave SF officer who shattered a large figure of terrorists and their arms and ammunition during the mission named "Thrividha Pahara" was fatally upset due to a terrorist projectile before he brought his great mission to a total conclusion.
As all access routes were cut off from all instructions, no one could help save the existence of this senior officer who did not let his confidence lose even at the eleventh hour. On 18th July 1996 Colonel A.F Laffeer bade farewell to his appreciated life in the battle field. In credit of his valour, he was posthumously awarded the PWV (Parama Weera Vibushanaya), the highest courage Medal for courage.

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