Thursday, January 22, 2009

LTTE clamps on civilian influx; Mounts artillery batteries inside No-fire zones - Mullaittivu

In its effort to activate a civilian crisis in Wanni, LTTE terrorists have allegedly haggard artillery batteries, heavy mortars and satellite bases within civilian settlements and rough and ready camps which were preceding declared as no-fire zones, armed said citing inhabitant and ground sources.
The terrorist outfit is using the thousands entrapped as gun fodders in its attempt to booth the multi-frontal military advance, now closing in on LTTE's residual hiding areas at Visuamadu, Puthukudiyirippu and Mullaittivu, defence observers state. Faced with an predictable beat by the security forces LTTE terrorists have resorted to basic and nonconformist tactics which has resulted in a break of civilian agitation next to the outfit recently. On Tuesday (20), around 75000 people lined up to enter the eccentric areas at Kilinochchi were bounded and compressed by an LTTE led mob. At least 10 people were killed when LTTE terrorists opened haphazard fire at the civilians, escapees from the sad site exposed speaking to security force officials at Kilinochchi. One of the medical students was tortured and exhibited around the populated areas and made understood the fate of escapees in the area. Few managed to flee while the relax were dragged towards LTTE torture camps believed located at Visuamadu and Puthukudiryirippu. According to revelations, the civilian exodus is mostly triggered from areas at Teravilkulam, Visuamadu and North of Puthukudiyirippu.
LTTE terrorists have by now located its artillery batteries, heavy mortar guns and rear in service positions in the declared no-fire zones, defence sources said citing both civilian and technical sources. Many people have boldly opposite the LTTE tactic and some have even confronted with terrorists also overcrowding movement of serious gun carriers and trailers into the villages. In the face of a embarrassing defeat LTTE terrorists are couture a civilian tragedy at Wanni, defence observers stated adding that the likelihood of mass suicide or execution of the civilians too cannot be ruled out by the barred terrorist outfit.

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