Monday, January 19, 2009

LTTE underground fuel storage found - Dharmapuram

Troops of 58 Division while conducting further consolidating operations in Dharmapuram area, Mullaittivu, have found 300 fuel barrels which had been hidden by the LTTE terrorists this morning, 19 January.
According to the obtainable sources, 300 barrels, containing 225 letters of Diesel in each, had been hidden in a coconut grove in the Dharmapuram area. The barrels had been correctly preserved and enclosed from polythin before they were buried. The barrels were hidden in a land almost 10 acres, sources additional.
Further, in order to holdup the advance of the ground troops into the oil storage space complex, LTTE terrorists have located booby-traps and volatile plans around the storage space building.
The subversive fuel storage space found this morning clearly shows that LTTE terrorists have looted the fuel bowsers sent by the administration as caring aid for the thousands of blameless civilians trapped by the terrorists.
Further search operations are happening in the area.

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