Sunday, January 4, 2009

LTTE terrorists hold civilians hostage

The LTTE was forcing civilians of the small area in the North still under their run from coming into eccentric areas under Government management, assaulting or asset them next to their wishes, about all the civilians who had managed to reach your destination at your purpose in the Government - administered areas were reported as maxim.
Very recently a group of 18 civilians in the middle of them a number of women and children, who at home in Vavuniya told the Government officials in that municipality how they runaway through the jungles of Kilinochchi to recover their freedom from the terrorists.
In yet another event a group of eight civilians who were fleeing the terrorist forbidden area were wedged between the fighting position of the Army and the LTTE and one in the middle of them was distress.
When they reached an Army position the officer and armed gave major aid and sent the upset person to Vavuniya Hospital where he was warded.
Most of the civilians who had fled the LTTE held area in the north said the LTTE was trying to hold about 20,000 civilians counting women and children to be second-hand as a human defend when the Government troops go forward into Mullaitivu the last planned position.
Civilians had told the Government officials in Vavuniya that the LTTE had compulsory them to take out various tasks to help their cadres, like transporting supplies to LTTE camps against their needs.
If anyone refused to carry out the proclamation of the terrorists they were beaten or under arrest in rough and ready detention centres.
However it was learnt from the information volunteered by the civilians that they essential safety and freedom in the Government administered areas and the size among the 20,000 unsurprising civilian inhabitants were prepared to flee from the terrorist-forbidden areas to the Government - administered areas, officials in Vavuniya said.

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