Sunday, January 4, 2009

India dashes hopes of TN LTTE proxies: Prabhakaran to be trailed for Rajiv assassination

Dashing all hopes of Tamil Nadu politicians that finally some kind of interference might be obtained from New Delhi to save the LTTE terrorists, India's choice Congress demanded the extradition of Velupillai Prabhakaran if he is nabbed by the Sri Lankan armed forces to be tried for the Rajiv Gandhi murder case.
Calling Prabhakaran a killer of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi the assembly Party spokesman Veerappa Moily said, "He is an killer and we would be very happy if he was extradited to India. We want him to be prosecuted and convicted here for the serious crime he dedicated."
Together with his cleverness Chief Pottu Amman, Prabhakaran is accused of murdering Gandhi using a LTTE woman suicide bomber at Siriperumbudur near Chennai.
Publishing Moily's statement, the Times of India said, it "signals a physically powerful stand choice out any intervention under force from DMK."
A alliance ally of the assembly Party, the DMK has been requesting New Delhi to inflict a truce on the Sri Lankan government.
Congress spokesman Veerappa Moily very obviously told journalists in New Delhi, that the LTTE is a barred outfit in India and Prabhakaran is wanted in India for the murder of the late Rajiv Gandhi.
Moily also obviously separated the subject of how LTTE terrorists are treated by the Sri Lanka government as terrorists from the issue of defensive the rights of alternative Tamils in the island state. The assembly is not addition up the subject of terrorism with the issue of protecting the human rights of the Tamils, Moily supposed.

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