Friday, January 2, 2009

F 1 captures Karadipokku junction - Kilinochchi

Victorious troops of Task Force 1 on violent advances towards the heart of Kilinochchi have reported another victory next to LTTE terrorists by ahead control over the Karadipokku junction located flanked by Paranthan and Kilinochchi along the A-9 main road by last evening, 01 January.
The Karadipokku connection is the northern edge of the Kilinochchi garrison and troops sustained their advance from Paranthan to Kilinochchi captured this deliberately very important place giving near the beginning signs of fall of Kilinochchi.
According to the latest in order received from the front said LTTE's well-famous "93 Base", the main command and daministrative centre of LTTE female cadres, is also now beneath army's control.
The Electronic Warfare (EW) sources long-established that an LTTE's hold up collection commander, known as Ilamperiyan, who commanded the Paranthan battle was killed in fierce fighting ensued on 31 December. He was later given the self-styled 'Lt. Colonel' rank, EW sources further long-established citing LTTE message channels.

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