Wednesday, January 14, 2009

58 Div extends their defences; 3 LTTE terrorists surrendered

Troops of 58 Division advancing additional eastwards from A-9 Highway extending their defences amidst stiff confrontation known by the terrorists, reporter in 58 Division said.
Troops had more than a few confrontations with LTTE terrorists in universal area Dharmapuram yesterday, 13 January, inflicting heavy recompense to the enemy. In a following search process conducted troops have found three bodies of LTTE terrorists killed throughout the argument along with 3 T-56 riffles.
Meanwhile, three cadres manned on LTTE defence line in Dharmapuram area have surrendered themselves to the safety forces, the armed sources said.
Speaking to our reporter, the surrendees said that they were deployed on the LTTE defence lines fervently. They urged residual LTTE cadres to give in themselves to save their lives as LTTE terrorists association will never get well the area defeated. The surrendees were later heading for to the rehabilitation centers recognized in the area.

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