Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LTTE ban timely, but should have been earlier - Douglas Devananda

Social Services and communal Welfare Minister Douglas Devananda said that the ban on the LTTE was opportune. But had the Government forbidden it earlier, a figure of valuable lives could have been saved and large scale obliteration of public possessions averted.
He told The Island that separately from several carnage committed throughout the past two decades the LTTE had used 200,000 blameless civilians as person shields and it was an unpardonable crime. The LTTE was proscribed at a time when it was busy in killing those with exchange ideas. They were people who refused to pay extortion money and did not want to hold up them, he said.
The Tiger terrorists were captivating people for a ride on the alleged reason of fighting for their rights. The banning could be described as an act of saving the Tamil people from the inhuman cruelties inflicted on them by the Tigers. though some had said that the banning of the LTTE was a method adopted by the Government to avoid discussions with them, he was of a different view because the LTTE had never made a real attempt to bring a following solution for the Tamil people, Devananda said.
The LTTE has a the past of having aborted several opportunities for inward at a following solution to the evils of Tamils.
They used those opportunities to add to their armaments and by no means worked for the well-being of Tamil people. It was crystal clear that the aspirations of the Tamil people could never be achieved through the LTTE, he said.

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