Saturday, January 31, 2009

LTTE underwater vehicles found - Mullaittivu

DMK flays LTTE for not responding to 48-hour ceasefire

The Ruling DMK yesterday sharply criticised the LTTE for not responding to the 48-hour truce affirmed by the Sri Lankan Government in the Vanni region to empty civilians wedged in the hostility between the Army and the Tigers.
The LTTE had not given any word on the safe way of Tamils in the disagreement zone, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister and DMK General Secretary K Anbazhagan said in the condition Assembly.
Replying to a talk about by Congress whip S.Peter Alphones in this regard, he said even following last night's (Thursday's) statement of the ceasefire by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, LTTE leader V Prabhakaran and his cadres did not come forward to give in return it.
UN agencies had also welcomed the new move by the Sri Lankan government, said Anbhazhagan, who faced questions from the members on the issue for the next day in the nonattendance of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, who is unwilling. He wondered why the LTTE had not yet allowable the people a safe way from the war zone.
Anbazhagan said the new visit of outside Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee to Sri Lanka was the first step to save Tamils living there.
"This is the first pace the Centre had taken to save Tamils in the isle nation. We should try to take more such steps in bringing a continued calm ambiance for Tamils livelihood there," he said.
To a query by PMK leader G.K.Mani that the war in Sri Lanka should be stopped up, Anbazhagan replied that the hostility was not taking place in a exacting zone.
"Even the Sri Lankan Government is not keen to reveal to us that there is a war in their country. Even if we ask them in this look upon, they will say they are only hostility with terrorist group LTTE to stop terrorism," he additional.

Defamation enjoining order further extended

On the 4th of December 2008 the Secretary of Defence Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapaksa filed act against Lasantha Wickramathunge, editor and The head Publications (Pvt) Ltd, publisher of the Sunday Leader Newspaper for its ongoing attack against the Secretary and the military organization claiming compensation amounting to Rs.1 Billion from the Sunday Leader Newspaper for good-looking in insulting reporting.
This plaint based on defamatory allegations and hateful accusations was filed in the Mt.Lavinia District Courts. On the second trial scheduled for 30 January 2009 before District Judge Priyantha Fernando, the Enjoining Order against the Sunday Leader Newspaper was comprehensive for the next time till 26 February 2009.
This additional room will ensure that the Sunday Leader will be banned from script about the Secretary of Defence during the period of the said Enjoining Order. legal envoy Reshan Gamage appeared on behalf of the defendant, Sunday Leader.

Underground built two storied, luxury LTTE hideout found- Mullaittivu

11 SLLI (11th Sri Lanka Light Infantry) troops of the 58 Division now operating in general area Piramanthalkulama at the Mullaittivu battlefront have allegedly establish a two storied subversive LTTE hiding place today (Jan 31).
According to military sources, the LTTE hideout was completely air trained and electrical energy current full through 3 sound proof power generators. The hiding place with its lavishness interior is said to be a site frequented by the terror chief and older cadres of the terrorist outfit. 9 gas weapons, a large amount of gas masks, a sub-machine gun and two LTTE bodies were also found throughout further look for operations conducted, security sources said.

UNSG welcomes President Rajapaksa's announcement of safe passage for civilians

The UN Secretary General on 30 January 2009, which welcomed President Mahinda Rajapaksa's announcement of safe way to a secure surroundings for civilians who are kept as a human protect by the LTTE in the North.
The UNSG has issued a strong communication to the LTTE to let the civilians in the disagreement zone to move to areas empty by the Government, custody in mind the require to ensure the security and wellbeing of the blameless civilians. Such calls by the international group of people are timely, and will with any luck influence the LTTE to react to the humanitarian object of releasing the bulk Tamil civilians obliging in the uncleared areas.
The Government has taken several events to ensure the security and security of the civilians in the new operations aimed at clearing the remaining few areas of the Mullaitivu district of LTTE activity. In view of the information that the LTTE is investment the civilians by force as human shields, and not allowing them to enter into the empty areas, the Government had demarcated a "safe area", and knowledgeable civilians to move into the safe area. However, the LTTE had violated the objective of the safe area by moving mortar and heavy arms into, this area and dismissal from within the safe area over civilians, thus causing civilian wounded, and endangering their security.
It is next to this background that H.E President of Sri Lanka has announced the safe way for all civilians.
The government needs to repeat its position that the military activities are meant solely at eradicating terrorism. The Government of Sri Lanka has adhered to , and will carry on to stick to a "zero civilian casualty" policy in its effort to eliminate terrorism.

More civilians flee from LTTE: Over 100 seek protection with security forces- Mullaittivu

Over 100 more civilians counting 16 children and 38 women have fled from LTTE and required defense with security forces at Visuamadu and Pulmoddai, today (Jan 31).
According to military sources, 63 civilians counting 38 males and 25 females belonging to 16 families have at home at Visuamadu, while 43 others, 16 children, 13 females and 14 males complete their way in two boats crossways the rough waters off Mullaittivu towards Pulmoddai. The last had fled from Valaimadu, a coastal area in Mullaittivu experiencing unparalleled hardships with LTTE, safety sources said.

Truce not a ceasefire

Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe yesterday said the 48-hour truce period decided by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to free civilians out of LTTE bondage was in no way a truce.
Addressing a press meeting, following a meeting and a appearance by the Army Commander Sarath Fonseka to the political community in Sri Lanka, at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo Minister Samarasinghe told press that bilateral and many-sided deliberations had been held with the political community pertaining to the present situation in the conflict region in the north.
"The talks centred on the presentation of our war heroes in the north, were open, forthright and see-through. They were also very complete, educational and positive," Minister Samarasinghe said.
Responding to queries from press, Minister Samarasinghe categorically affirmed that the Government is strong-minded not to have a truce.
This special gauge had been taken to ensure the wellbeing and the security of the civilians in the north, he said.
The Government in this background, was urging the LTTE to let go blameless civilians, men, women and children within the next 48-hour, to the declared 'Safe Zone', the Minister said.
Armed Forces have detected that the LTTE were keeping heavy arms near to the 'Ceasefire Zone'. However, the carrying weapons Forces would make sure that they severely refrain from targeting the civilians, he said.
In family member to the vagueness of civilian figures in Mullaitivu, the Minister said that according to figures conventional from the Mullaitivu Government Ajent, there seems to be around 20,000 families. yet, the Nation Building Ministry figures make known that there has been a duplication in the supposed lists.

57 Div troops locate high profile LTTE hideout- Visuamadu

12 SLSR(12th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment) troops of the 57 Division under the power of Major General Jagath Dias have located a high profile LTTE hideout including an dissident bunker while busy in mop-up operations in the Visuamadu tropical forest, Friday (Jan 30).
The LTTE hiding place was well carrying weapons and hidden from air discovery, security sources said. According to available information the site was frequented by the LTTE terror leader Prabakaran and older cadres. The underground bunker was air trained and constructed beneath a lavishness compartment with projectile proof doors. A soundproof generator was used for electric power supply for the section and the dissident bunker. An elevator used flanked by the bunker and the in the clouds building was also found which troops state as the first ever example that security forces have come diagonally such.
Drugs for diabetes patients were also found suggestive of that this site was lately accommodated by the LTTE leader, security sources additional said. These evidences clearly underscore the type of liberation move violently the LTTE inner circles had orchestrated for decades, through the millions of dollars extorted from the Tamil disapora victimizing hundreds of Tamil youth, men and women.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Allow free movement to the civilians in 48 hours- President urges LTTE

Allow free movement to the civilians in 48 hours- President urges LTTE
His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka has urged the LTTE to let the civilians held as a human shield in Wanni to go for their safety. In statement issued yesterday (Jan 29) he further assures safer way to a security environs.
The statement in full:
My Government, since its election, has always been worried about the welfare of all people of Sri Lanka and their economic and social progress. The welfare of the people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces, primarily of those in areas under opponent control by the LTTE, has been of even better concern to my Government. As a result, my Government has always been committed to escort calm in those regions so that all people of Sri Lanka, particularly those in the North and the East will have the chance to exercise their democratic rights and choose their leaders freely through elections to realise their political aspirations within the democratic framework that has flourished in Sri Lanka for long years.
However, all efforts for finding solutions quietly for outstanding issues in the North and the East were repudiated by the LTTE and I was bound to take measures to battle the terrorism unleashed by the LTTE on the people of Sri Lanka. In the efforts to eliminate terrorism and in the humanitarian operations to free civilians from pain and insecurity, the Government and the Security Forces have been aware of the welfare of civilians, their lives and property at all times.
In adding, as a democratically elected Government with a clear consent from the people, we have always been strong-minded to defend the territorial integrity and dominion of Sri Lanka and to find solutions to all problems within a democratic structure while uniting all the people of Sri Lanka.
In this context, the Security Forces have been winning in conducting their mandated operations to achieve these objectives of the Government and the people of Sri Lanka.
The Government is now balanced to take important steps that will enable an surroundings conducive for the reintroduction of democracy that will give the people of the Northern Province an option to exercise their right to elect their leaders by free choice so that solutions can be found for all outstanding issues through cooperation and chat and not through aggression.
As a consequence of the operations by Security Forces, LTTE control over civilians is at the present restricted to a small area in the Northern Province and a large number of civilians are being held there by force by the LTTE, thus endangering blameless inhabitant lives.
Being acutely aware of the welfare of the civilians compulsorily being held in the disagreement zone by the LTTE, we have affirmed a safe zone for civilians, the co-ordinates of which were announced by the Security Forces.
This is to ensure that they stay out of harm's way during travels between Security Forces and carrying weapons LTTE cadres, and to promise the safety and security of civilians.
It is unlucky that the LTTE is exploiting this affirmed safe zone for civilians by placing their serious weaponry within the secure zone and using it as a start pad to physical attack Security Forces and randomly kill civilians."
"I urge the LTTE, within the next 48 hours to allow free movement of civilians to create sure their safety and security. For all those civilians, I promise a safe way to a secure environment.
I also assure all those livelihood in the North and in disagreement areas in particular, that vacating LTTE held areas will make sure the physical, safety and allow peace, freedom and human rights for all citizens of the country."

Sri Lanka Navy destroys LTTE suicide boat - Mullaittivu

Sri Lanka Navy assault boats deployed in the Mullaittivu seas have destroyed an LTTE suicide boat around 3 this morning (Jan 30). According to the navy sources , the navy boats deployed in the sea blockade along the northeastern coast have intercepted the explosive laden boat launched from Mullaittivu coast and destroyed it by directing heavy gunfire at the incoming terrorist boat.
At present, Sri Lanka Navy has deployed 4 blockades the length of the northeastern shore of the island to prevent LTTE arms supplies and avoidance LTTE cadres via sea routes. The Rapid Action Boat regiment (RABS) and the Special Boat regiment (SBS) units hold up their blockade neighboring to the shore while Fast Attack Flotilla 4 (FAF4) maintained the second barrier in the coastal waters. The third and the fourth barriers are maintained by the Gunboats and Offshore Patrol Vessels that extends from territorial waters to the blue waters.

India lauds Sri Lanka's safe passage offer to Tamil civilians - Shiv Shankar Menon

India Thursday lauded the Sri Lankan government's statement of granting a safe way to Tamil civilians trapped in the war-hit northern parts of the island nation and hoped that the circumstances of civilians will improve in days to come.
'The government of India welcomes this important statement and hopes that with the conclusion of these steps, the state of the civilians stuck up in the difference, will get better,' Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon told reporters here late Thursday night, media information said.
Menon was reacting to the announcement by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa that he has urged the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to allow free group of civilians attentive in northern areas to make sure their security and security.
'We are happy to see the steps that are being taken by Sri Lanka and we hope that all these civilians would now be able to move to safety,' Menon said while stressing that the safety of civilians figured extremely in discussions between External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee with President Rajapaksa when the former visited Colombo this week.
'And for all the civilians, he (Rajapaksa) has assured a safe way to a secure surrounding area and also certain all those living in the northern and difference areas in demanding, that vacate the LTTE-held areas will make sure their physical security and let calm, liberty and human rights for all citizen of the country,' Menon said.
'We appreciate that necessary orders to this effect, to enable the completion of these steps, have been given,' he added, said IANS.
Menon's comments come amid concerns spoken after political parties in Tamil Nadu about the plight of Tamil civilians wedged in the disagreement between the government troops and the LTTE.
When Mukherjee visited Colombo Tuesday, Rajapaksa told him that he had invited Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and AIDMK leader J. Jayalalitha to Sri Lanka to influence the Tamil Tiger rebels to lay down their weapons and enter into the self-governing mainstream.
Mukherjee said the humanitarian condition of affairs in the northern war-zone came up for discussion and President Rajapaksa certain him that his government would minimise the occupant sufferings.
'In course of our discussions, President Rajapaksa agreed to get bigger the secure zones and also make sure that there is no shelling, firing in the safe zone,' Mukherjee told journalists in New Delhi soon his go back here Wednesday.
'He (Rajapaksa) appealed to all worried to allow the civilians to go to the safe zones so that food, shelter, medicine and safety could be provided to them,' he said.
'We further requested and the president decided to ensure that the relief fabric, which we are sending, reaches the persons who are vulgar by the crash of this disagreement,' Mukherjee had said.

Army 58 Division gain more ground; LTTE hold continue to recede in Wanni

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division soldiers thrusting into the remaining LTTE hiding areas stretching from the south of Kilaly lagoon to the A-35 road (Paranthan- Mullaittivu) are creation a fast development on their march along the west - east axis, reveal battlefield sources.
Battlefield reports indicate that intense hostility had been taken place in Visuamadu and Piliyampokkanal areas yesterday (Jan 29).
Troops had daylong confrontations in the Visuamadu area and found 4 bodies of LTTE cadres and one T-56 riffle throughout search operations. Both ground sources and radio monitoring reports indicated heavy damages to the terrorist. Meanwhile, in a divide march troops captured 152 mm serious weaponry gun, two serious earth moving vehicles, three serious vehicles, 12 mini tractors, two busses and one twice cab that had been second-hand by the terrorists. Snipers deployed in the forward areas of Visuamadu claimed 8 successful shootings during the day.
In the Piliyampokkanal area , troops had intense hostility with the terrorists since last afternoon. Troops found 3 bodies of LTTE cadres, one T-56 riffle and three radio message sets during following search operations.
Meanwhile troops during their march odd the Piliyampokkanal government hospital. Ground sources said that the hospital had been used by the terrorist to treat their distress cadres. Large amount of medicines and component were also establish in the hospital. The sources additional said that the terrorist had in use the bulk of the hospital matter from the Government Hospital at Paranthan throughout their removal.

UNICEF disowns vehicles found with its logo - Mullaittivu

UNICEF in a push let go yesterday (Jan 29) said that the Toyota double cab establish by the Sri Lanka army in Mullaittivu with UNICEF symbol on it , did not fit in to the association.
The press release additional said that UNICEF has no twice cabs in its navy and therefore, the Army website had incorrectly claimed the vehicle belonged to UNICEF
Sri Lanka Army on Wednesday (Jan 28) said that the armed had found shape of vehicles used by the LTTE terrorists including on top of mentioned double cab from the Visuamadu area.
The press release in full
Vehicle recovered from LTTE does not belong to UNICEF
29 Jan 2009, Colombo - UNICEF today said that "a Toyota double cab" which the Army says it has detained from the LTTE does not belong to UNICEF.
An Army website had erroneously claimed the vehicle belonged to UNICEF.
UNICEF does not have any double cabs in its fleet. However in the past years UNICEF has donated a big number of this type of vehicle to Government associates such as the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, Ministry of Education, National Water provide and Drainage Board and the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare to hold up their activities.
UNICEF said it is very unlucky that this donated vehicle power have been unlawfully taken not present from a connect implementing programmes for women and children.

Financial donation for the national security fund

Mrs. Kanthie Uyangoda of Arangala, Naththaranpotha, Kandy donated 100,000 / = rupees for the National safety Fund yesterday 29 January. This donation was handed over to the Secretary Defense, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his office.
Meanwhile, Mr H.E.L. Wijeyaratna has donated 25000/= rupees for the National Security Fund on 29th January 2009. The money was handed over to the Secretary Of Defense, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his office. Mr Wijeyaratna is a resident in Gonamulla, Galle and is working in Sri Lanka Telecom.
Mr. Kapila S Wickramasinghe, the Managing Director of Susara Publication Pvt.Ltd. donated 50.000 / = rupees for the National Security Fund, to the Secretary Of Defense, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his office on 29th January 2009. Mr. R.S. Weragoda also participated at this time.

Commander impressed with latest army recoveries

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, leader of the Army after opening the recently-constructed 'Rankekulu' pre-school at Anuradhapura, destined for children of War Hero families, flew to Wanni Security Forces head office Yesterday (29) morning to meet his earth commanders.
Lieutenant General Fonseka as Chief Guest, in the company of Mrs. Anoma Fonseka, President Seva Vanitha Army Branch (SVAB) ceremonially affirmed open the new and well-equipped pre-school arrangement for Ranaviru children from the Anuradhapura district after look a plaque and cutting a symbolic ribbon. Mrs. Fonseka, the idea behind the new school construction which can house more than 120 Ranaviru children for a year spoken her and SVAB's endorsement on the end of the two-storied building project at a cost of Rs 20 million. The school has its hall on the first floor. Lieutenant General Fonseka comprehensive his greetings to the time in a short verbal message after he was affectionately conservative by kids and teachers.
Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander Security Forces head office - Wanni (SFHQ-W) who was also associated with the school opening afterwards flew to Vavuniya with the meaning of getting an inform on ground developments, as the caring operation is toward the inside its final phase. He was conventional on arrival in Vavuniya by Major General Jagath Dias, General Officer strong 57 Division.
Lieutenant General Fonseka at the create of the day's meeting conventional a summarized clarification on current developments from Major General Jagath Jayasuriya. Likewise, all earth commanders, there on the time told the Commander how their troops in respective areas are moving ahead, despite LTTE argument.
Lieutenant General Fonseka, frightened with the latest recoveries hitherto complete in the past few hours, including discovery of LTTE submarines, weaponry guns, unicorns, serious gear and a huge haul of vehicles, boats, tractors and the ground growth in all fronts, harassed the need to maintain the momentum and reach your destination at the final goal of healing the whole Wanni region. Commander also paid his attention on arrangements in place, related to the influx of more and more civilians into empty areas and events that have been adopted for their transfer. Commander once again extended his backing and thanked all officers and soldiers who are at the there on the verge of winning the protracted problem of terrorism in Sri Lanka.