Monday, January 5, 2009

Troops lay siege South of EPS: Overrun LTTE foothold at Kurinchattiv and enters Thamilamadam

In 10 JUL 1991 rifleman Gamini Kularathne scaled the terrorist attack at EPS camp by destroying an explosive laden bulldozer with a hand grenade attack
Troops of the Task Force-1 have reached the southern outer edge of Elephant Pass (EPS), the South most LTTE stranglehold in the Jaffna peninsula after sequence of heavy clashes with the terrorists. According to the battleground information, troops have gained total manage over Kurinchattiv village situated on the eastern bank of Jaffna pond and entered Thamilamadam area this afternoon (Jan 5).
The fall of Kurinchattiv draws planned benefit to the security forces, who are strong-minded at flushing out the residual LTTE defenses in the Elephant Pass, Kilaly, Muhamalai and Nagarkovil areas, the sources said. Further troops enthused more eastwards from A-9 road and entered a fishing village - Thamilamadam. Thamilamadam is situated south of Jaffna lagoon which is a very low-lying area.
Kurinchattiv with its sole high ground area, a vital topographical characteristic adds more benefit for the new military manoeuvres of the SL Army where troops will be able to think heavy gun attacks at all instructions, the sources additional said. According to latest reports received from the battlefront, TF-1 troops are further approaching into the EPS while divide military fighting formations are marching eastwards at LTTE last stronghold in Mullaittivu, security sources supposed.
Elephant Pass is the main entry to the Jaffna Peninsula which can be used in all type of weather circumstances. In 1991, Army Corporal Gamini Kularathne of Sri Lanka Army Sinha Regiment made his highest give up to save his comrades by aggressive an volatile laden bulldozer ambitious by an LTTE suicide bomber. Corporal Gamini banned the LTTE bulldozer toward the inside the Army camp by getting on to the vehicle and immobilizing it with a hand grenade assault. He was posthumously conferred with Parama Weera Vibhushanya (PWV), the prize for the courage of uppermost arrange.

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