Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our forces second to none - prime Minister tells parliament;

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayaka told Parliament yesterday the brave Armed Forces from side to side the capture of the LTTE's military hub Kilinochchi have demonstrated to the entire world that their capabilities are not second to any armed force in the world.
The prime minister beginning the Emergency discuss said the great victory attained by our Security Forces has given a good reply to the LTTE terrorists.
"Various LTTE friendly rudiments attempted to depict to the world that it was not an easy task for our Armed Forces to liberate Kilinochchi," the Premier said. "As the Government we pay our compliment to the Army Commander, all the senior officers and the members of the three Armed Forces who made the supreme give up in the release of Kilinochchi which was careful as the administrative and military hub of the LTTE," he said.
The Premier said with the dawn of the New Year, we have to usually seek the hold up of the House to make bigger the Emergency policy.
"Our intention is not to make this ask for from the House again and again in prospect. The Government has entered into the final phase of eradicating terrorism. In order to create the necessary environment favorable to defeat terrorism, there is an urgent need to make bigger the Emergency regulations.
"Even at this final stage, terrorists are pretending to show their strength. But the whole world has unspoken that terrorists do not have such strength as they claimed. We all should be united to defeat the objectives of the terrorists irrespective of any following differences.
"I have to say with be sorry that certain elements are drama in an reckless manner. But their behavior are not a secret to the people. These LTTE welcoming basics have implemented their project under various fronts. There was a period where sure elements were forced to suspend the continuing military operations in the North.
They even sought the help of the international group of people to stop these armed operations," he said. These elements remained silence when the innocent civilians were cruelly killed by the LTTE. The newest project of these rudiments is to force the LTTE to engage in various atrocities which may cause serious impact on the country's financial system.
They are attempting to disturb the profits generating avenues of the Government. But most of the people are well aware on these conspiracies," the Premier said. "It is fortunate to have people who are patriotic. Due to our misfortune, we have been not capable to rally round all of our political parties under one wing. Sometimes, the people are well in front than certain politicians."
The Prime Minister said it was Prabhakaran who destroyed the agreement among communities by creating an uncertainty. "Therefore, Prabhakaran should pay a fair recompense for this. Steps should be taken to prevent all avenues which help the LTTE to strengthen themselves."
"There is a need of a common power to increase the morale of our brave soldiers who are now entering into the LTTE battlement by making the supreme sacrifice. But sure elements effort to belittle the daring military victories achieved by our Security Forces. As a Government, we are ready to face these challenges. We request everyone to public meeting round the Government to beaten terrorism," the Prime Minister said.

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