Wednesday, January 7, 2009

'No fighting force has withdrawn 95 percent of land as a tactic like LTTE' says Army Commander

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, Commander of the Sri Lanka Army said if the uphold of the LTTE supporter in South India that the terrorist outfit's beat at Kilinochchi is only a temporary one and it is only a intended withdrawal engineered to rush back like an firm wave is true, no fighting force like the LTTE has ever withdrawn from 95 percent of the land mass it busy as a strategic move.
He told self-governing Television Network(ITN) in an interview transmit on Tuesday(Jan 6) that "the LTTE not only lost 95 percent of the land it held but also lost within the last one year 8000 terrorists out of whom the Sri Lanka army knows the names of 4000."
Army Commander General, Fonseka said today the LTTE hostility machine is forced to a triangular area in two sides of which are about 40 kilometers each in the Mullaittivu area approximately and called it a clear defeat where they lose at least one four-sided shape kilometer daily until they are rosy out lastly in a short period of time. Every day the army also discovered 5 to 7 corpses of the LTTE at the war front the army commander said.
Lieutenant General Fonseka said to attain this victory, the political management provided by President Mahinda Rajapaksa was very vital. To wipe out the shortcomings of previous times, Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa worked day and night, without a stop the army commander revealed. He said to add fire power to that of the army the Sri Lanka Air force, Navy and the STF of the police provided a huge service and in transporting the upset the Air Force did an excellent job.
He said the great majority of the people of Sri Lanka gave their blessing to the carrying weapons forces to go in front with their plans by showing their love through a variety of ways and mostly allowing their sons and daughters to join the forces in great numbers. Great majority of politicians cheered up the forces while a few of them, green with envy by the successes of the soldiers, burst out with annoyance he said.
Asked about how the LTTE had better themselves creation use of the Ceasefire Agreement the army commander said, more than any thing else the LTTE greater than before their combat soldiers from 2500 to more than 11,000 during the four years of the truce agreement. They only obsessive two artillery guns captured from the army before.
They were increased to a lot of fold machine guns, Dvora like fast boats and three set wing airplanes were added to their strength. They recognized banks, courts, police and civilization to generate profits, the Army Commander sharp out.
Asked whether Karuna Ammans departure contributed to the achievement of the army, General Fonseka said Karuna Amman and Prabhakaran fell out because of ideological differences. By the time the army started capturing the Eastern Province he was left with about 200 troops. annoying to connect Karuna Amman's exit to Army success is shameful, on the part of some politicians, he said.
He said ordinary people supported the army to recapture Eastern Province from the LTTE. There were lot of Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil villages in the Eastern Province surface by side who helped the army. The army was able to imprison the hearts of the people of the Eastern Province before capturing the land, he further asserted.
To day, many of the Tamil people in the Eastern Province are quite at effortlessness with the army he sharp out. Even, there is no difference in Jaffna. Out of the 400,000 population more than 10,000 with some holding national flags demonstrated next to the LTTE. The army commander sharp out 183,000 people came to enjoy the army organized display recently.
From the villages in Wanni, nearly 40 people escape the villages previously held by the LTTE, and come and surrender to the army gullible them and seeking refuge about every day now. "We genially welcome them and give somewhere to live until they could be resettled, he said.
Asked about whether he was trying to get the credit for the high-quality work done by the former army commanders, he said neither he had asked for such undue credit nor previous commanders have complain that he was trying get credit due to them. He said all commander have to be responsible for their blunders and get praise for their achievements. There should be cause why he should not get credit for his achievements, he said.
The ITN interviewer asked whether it was true that he was receiving prepared to resolve down in the United States of America. He said long before he accepted the post of the Commander of the Army he conventional, what is called a "Green Card", the status of enduring residence there. But he by no means could go and settle down after he become the Commander of the Army. But it came handy, to admit his children to universities there for a cheaper fees.
He determined to take the brood because they could not get sufficient marks to get admission to the universities in Sri Lanka, as the admission is very spirited. "I may be one of the few people who conventional the green card but did not go there to settle down", he said.
Asked whether a large number of deaths had been reported in the army, General Fonseka said, in a war, zero deaths cannot be maintained and the ratio of deaths in army that fight with guerillas is in favor of the guerillas : 1:5. That means five soldiers die to one guerilla. He said among 11,000 deaths comprehensive of all places like Jaffna Wanni and Eastern Province only 2000 of our soldiers have died.
He said an higher army like the US army in Iraq for the five years has lost 10,000 soldiers. He said in the Eastern Province battles it was only 20 kilometer coldness the army had to enter. But here in the North it was 89 kilometer distance the troops had to handle.
Today, the triangular area to which the LTTE hierarchy and others are forced is being attacked from multiple fronts. Before, Kilinochchi's fall everybody thought the attack there is only a dream of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Army Commander said the sustained attack on the LTTE, is also going to be a reverie to some likewise, but sure to become a realism soon.

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