Sunday, January 11, 2009

LTTE fires at escaping civilians; 7 civilians killed - Kilinochchi

Seven blameless Tamil civilians counting two children, on their way to empty areas looking for defense for their lives, were gunned down by the LTTE terrorists this morning, 10 January.
According to the military sources, the civilians from Murusamoddai and Kanchipuram areas, were on their way to security forces' forbidden area when they were attacked cruelly by LTTE terrorists deployed on possible evasion routes to stop occupant movement.
Two children, two females and three males are in the middle of the wounded, military sources added.
However, 49 more civilians of the similar group stuck up in the LTTE fire luckily managed to arrive at troops in Paranthan. Two of them also continued injuries while others astonished due to the fatal experience.
24 children, 13 females and 12 males were able to escapes the LTTE's grip amidst LTTE firing, sources said.
The necessary treatments were given for the wounded and later title for them to the wellbeing centers documented in the Vavuniya area.
The bodies of innocent Tamil civilians have by now been taken to sanatorium, military sources added.

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