Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LTTE fast loosing its human shield; Army rescues 600 civilians

Battlefield sources in the North reveal that 655 civilians have necessary secure haven with Sri Lanka Army soldiers as last night (Jan 13). These civilians have at home in more than a few groups at a variety of locations in the Jaffna peninsula and Kilinochchi district avoidance the remaining LTTE beating areas in Wanni.
The civilians have told the defence officials that the LTTE is fast loosing its manage in surplus of the human protect that is being kept in Wanni to save the life of the LTTE leader. With Sri Lanka Army adhering to Zero Civilian victim Policy in its military exercises, the civilians helpful in Wanni are more and more judgment safe routes to empty areas.
The Army attends to the basic needs of the civilians including to medical supplies and directs them to the civilian wellbeing centers maintained by the administration of Sri Lanka.

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