Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Army 58 Div reach outskirts of Dharmapuram

Sri Lanka Army 58 Division far-reaching down the A-35 road (Paranthan - Mullaittivu) on the West- East axis has reached the external rim of Dharmapuram, make known battleground sources
During a confrontation erupted around 5.30 this morning (Jan 14), north of Dharmapuram, troops have establish 3 bodies of LTTE cadres the length of with 3 T-56 riffles.
Meanwhile, Army 55 Division soldiers marching down northeastern shore of the isle are in the process of dominating Chundikulam, the area that connects the Jaffna neck of land with the mainland. During yesterday's (Jan 13) operations in the area, army devastated an LTTE boat with artillery fire . A older LTTE sea tiger head identified as "Lieutenant Colonel Thiru" was killed the length of with more than a a small number of others in this assault.

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