Sunday, January 11, 2009

Army at LTTE's heels in Jaffna

Military of Sri Lanka Army 53 and 55 Divisions are now busy in search and wipe out operations against the terrorists in the remaining LTTE hiding areas in the Jaffna peninsula. According to battleground sources, troops are marching further southwards on the thin neckline of land towards Chundikulam eliminating LTTE positions on their way.
Troops of 53 Division had more than a few skirmishes with the terrorists in the Nithiyavedda area yesterday (Jan 10) and set up 3 bodies of slain LTTE cadres and 4 T-56 riffles. Troops of 55 Division also filled of act a terror group detected in the Kattundarkulam area last twilight and found 2 Multi cause Machine Guns (MPMG), 4 Radio message sets , and 4 T-56 riffles all through following search .
Meanwhile, 33 civilians at home at Sornapattu last morning looking for refuge with Sri Lanka Army. The group built-in 17 males and 16 females.

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