Sunday, January 11, 2009

LTTE human shield starts dissolving with Army's zero civilian casualty policy- Wanni

With Sri Lanka Army military are ongoing to uphold the zero civilian wounded (ZCC) policy in their counter terrorist operations in Wanni, LTTE has allegedly misplaced its power over the people completely.
Yesterday (Jan 10) alone, 183 civilians braved avoidance terrorist manage and necessary refuge with army. The group of refugees built-in 70 adult males, 58 adult females, 28 male children and 22 female children. They have told the military that the people in Wanni have lost the fears shaped in their minds by the LTTE about soldiers, as tiding goes around about the welcoming way that they treat the refugees.
"Now , we have properly documented the factual friend from foe, Prbhakaran has forever saved his life hiding in the middle of women and children and that is what he is going to do until the last instant", were the words of a look after of two when interviewed by exacting reporter in Kilinochchi.
"Tigers know that people have lost self-pledge in them, they will fire us if they find out we are trying to escape... they have brought bodies of civilians to our villages to show what would happen to us if we dare to seek defense with army" ,a youth told.
Our reporter said that the civilians have made a particular ask for from media to not to disclose the places they had come from and the way they had flee as the terrorists would soon close down those routes once they get to know about them.
Meanwhile, Army 57 and 58 Divisions are work of art with special care to safe more routes for the civilians to get out of the LTTE human shield.
According to the battleground information, troops of 57 Division have now documented their forward boundaries about 6 km east of the A-9 (Jaffna- Kandy) road. Several confrontations occurred in the Vaddakachchi area yesterday in which troops claimed heavy damages to the terrorists.
Meanwhile, 58 Division military adjacent the 57 Division from north had daylong confrontation with the terrorist in Vaddakachchi North yesterday. During searches, troops set up two bodies of slain LTTE cadres and one T-56 riffle. Also, army snipers in service in the forward areas reported shooting down of 4 LTTE cadres throughout the day.
In the Kandaveli area, 58 Division soldiers set up 3 bodies of LTTE cadres, 2 T-56 riffles, 2 Radio message sets and over 1000 bullets used for small arms after inclined battles with the terrorists.

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