Saturday, January 3, 2009

59 troops lay siege south of Mullaittivu: LTTE taking heavy beating

Troops of the 59 separation now surging in multiple fronts towards LTTE's coastal barracks at Mullaittivu, have inflicted serious compensation to terrorists throughout antagonism ensued at the battlefront yesterday(Jan 2), reportedly killing over two dozen of LTTE terrorists and injuring similar information.
According to military information received, inclined battles have erupted in worldwide area North of Kumulamunai, with joint air and ground assaults at intense radical positions and arms start pads. The recent plan fighting plans of the safety forces at the Wanni battlefront has left LTTE in total confusion, defence observers state addition that the terrorist group is facing total total destruction after three decades.
The LTTE is a unkind terrorist collection that has been busy in a bloody terrorist group next to the people of Sri Lanka since 1983. Lead by a psychopathic chief, the group has been maddening to set up an ethnically pure Tamil condition on the Sri Lankan soil. The LTTE is also the first terrorist group to use suicide bombers, and to expand marine and mid-air fighting ability. The outfit is listed in the UN list of shame for using child soldiers and barred in many countries in the world.

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