Friday, January 2, 2009

LTTE carries out desperate suicide blast - Slave Island

LTTE after its ignominious beat in Kilinochchi has carried out a frantic suicide blast in face of the Air Force camp , Slave Island down the C.A. Gardiner street at 5.15 this evening (Jan 2).
Primary investigations have exposed that the suicide bomber had tried to go into the Air Force camp but prevented by the Airmen at the entrance. The bang has caused compensation to a public transport bus live from Moratuwa to Pettah. Two people have been killed and 22 others suffered injuries in the explosion. The upset have been admitted to the National Hospital, Colombo.
Meanwhile, a being supposed to have accompanied the suicide bomber has been under take into custody by the air men.
Defence observers call the newest bomb blast of the LTTE a frantic reply to its nearing defeat. On Sunday (Dec 28) LTTE accepted out simillar suicide blast shut to a Roman Catholic Church at Wattala killing 6 people and hurtful 29 others.

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