Saturday, January 3, 2009

Navy Commander reviews Ops readiness in East

Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda made a call to the Eastern Naval Command on the 01st of January 2009 in order to review the ready readiness of the Navy's Fast Attack regiment and its Fleet Units which have been live a pivotal role in impressive an effectual marine barrier in the North-eastern seas denying the opponent sea access and manage.
During his call, the Navy Commander detained long discussions with the Fast Attack regiment and Fleet Unit Commanders meant at making additional improvements to the marine strategies being implemented to improve the marine observation operations in the North-eastern seas in hold up of the continuing military operations which have now reached a decisive phase in the caring operations that are being productively conducted to liberate the Northern Province from the terrorists' control.
Having assessed the operational readiness and discussed the prepared plans which are life form implemented, the Navy Commander gave further orders to get better the safety in the areas coming under the purview of the Eastern Naval power.
The Navy Commander also addressed the naval workers attached to the Fast assault regiment and Fleet Units and held interactive sessions with the grade and file in order to determine that their confidence is far above the g and the auditorium at the Naval and Maritime Academy located in Trincomalee d surrounding and they maintain fight willingness at this important juncture of the final military conquest over an opponent which had overwhelmed the country for almost three decades.
The Navy Commander also inspected the new constructions in the Eastern marine Area and assessed the improvements which have been made to the procession ground uring his call.

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