Wednesday, January 7, 2009

58 Div troops enter Murasumoddai Township

Following days long fighting, troops of 58 Division (Earlier Task Force 1) have entered into the Murasumoddai Town border by this afternoon, 7 January, the latest military report conventional from the battlefront said.
Battle formations of 58 Division who have sustained their offensive march additional eastwards after capturing Paranthan, entered Murasumoddai township in spite of stiff confrontation given by the LTTE terrorists for last few days.
Gaining manage over the Murasumoddai junction, situated along the Paranthan - Mullattivu main road (A-35), 5 km east of Paranthan, would be deliberately very important for the troops as it creates new evasion routes for the Tamil civilians under LTTE hold.
The Murasumoddai junction has straight access routes for Kilinochchi, Vaddakachchi, Uriyan areas.
During new days many civilians of Murasumoddai and its nearby area have reached to security forces evasion LTTE's grip.

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